Design company bosses in China-Current Situation

Design company bosses in China-Current Situation

Current situation of young design company bosses in China. No wonder some people say that starting a business for a small boss is to work for landlords and employees.

It cost tens of thousands of more this month.Cemetery planning   Nelumbo SP

It’s not so easy to start a business for software development outsourcing.

I remember that every month in the past 20 and 21 years, I will summarize my performance.

I won’t send it this year, because I found that when I do well, someone will be jealous ,make up to go black and spray and double label.

Therefore, people should continue to learn, mature and do their own things well.

The Most Angry Thing is The Same Sharing.

For example,when I say that I encounter difficulties and am embarrassed by customers, some people say that I deserve it. They say that my positioning is cheap.

Other peers also release the same situation. They give all kinds of encouragement and refueling. First do the business and then develop it.

All kinds of double standards.So from the beginning of this year, if you don’t share how much you earn, you can treat me as a loss.

If I’m Lazy, I’ll Lose My Design Order.Design Company Bosses in China.

If I lose dozens of orders a month, I will lose company bosses in China the performance was very poor.

In more than 20 days,it was almost the same as that in February 20, but it was very dissatisfied with March.

After all, February was still during the Chinese new year, and it was good to do so much in 20 days.

It took three days to order some items, and then it took three more months to collect them. In the end, I didn’t expect to pay for them again.

Then I calculated that the actual work done in March was very good, mainly because the labor cost was relatively high.

There were several customized projects, so the labor cost reached 23000.

There was another person’s basic salary and social security.

Then I paid the rent, water and electricity of the office for several months this month, and then the system server resources paid again.

Because Our Business Was Relatively Good.

we often need it,the next step is to continue the process of efforts.

This year is a plan to start a business happily, don’t care too much about performance.

But plan more development, improve products and technology, provide better services.

Then provide a happy atmosphere for our team and arrange more activities. This is a win-win result.



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