News about Challenging HR Director

News about Challenging HR Director

News about Challenging HR Director He has been engaged in customer service in a network E-commerce company for less than one year and has signed a labor contract for three years. Since last month, the company’s HRD has advised to resign on the grounds of poor performance. In fact, the performance is not bad. It has been ranked in the middle and upper reaches of the team before, but it has declined slightly in the past two months.
After HRD failed to persuade him to quit, he informed him to transfer his post and change his department. However, before transfer, he needed to participate in unified training. At that time, he knew that this was a routine played by the company and tried to terminate the labor contract on the grounds of being incompetent for work twice.

News about Challenging HR Director Gave Three Choices

Sure enough, after a few days of training, yesterday afternoon, HRD told that one day’s training and assessment results were unqualified, and the company gave three choices: 1. Resign and leave voluntarily, and the company cooperated with the back of the back work to reconcile the resignation certificate; 2. Leave the company after one month’s notice without any compensation; 3. The company immediately issued a notice of cancellation and gave a compensation of 3000 yuan (less than one month’s salary).News about Challenging HR Director.

Don’t Choose Directly Challenging HR Director

Tell HRD that what the company should do is the company’s business. I just want to continue to work well. Sure enough, HRD directly issued the termination notice, and the reason for the termination was that it was incompetent for the second time.

When HRD issued the cancellation notice, it also learned  other company when layoffs, and sent two people seriously.

One handed in the cancellation notice and the other stood aside and recorded with his mobile phone. Of course, the video is to prove that the company has issued a notice of cancellation. Just send the cancellation notice directly with nails, wechat and SMS.
After issuing the termination notice, HRD tells that he can continue to work in the company for one month, and then fill in the resignation approval form according to the company’s rules and regulations, submit it to the leaders at all levels for signature and approval one by one, and then carry out the work handover. After the work handover is completed, the company will issue the resignation certificate.
In order to prove that what he said was right, the HRD solemnly sent a screenshot of the content searched by Baidu. He really wanted to laugh but couldn’t laugh. He was the director of human resources. He didn’t even know these basic legal knowledge and had to ask Du Niang. This is really a human resources director with all kinds of tricks.

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