News about E-commerce Making Money

News about E-commerce Making Money

Chatting with friends last night, he said that his news about e-commerce company had cut 80% of its staff, and there were more than 100 people left to maintain.

Over the past year, it has lost more than 30 million yuan. I don’t know when to make money next. The whole industry is losing money, and several companies in the head are losing hundreds of millions.
Just five years ago, cross-border news about e-commerce ,it still made great progress day by day. South China city on the other side of Pinghu became lively from desolation, which was mainly brought by cross-border e-commerce. Shenzhen has become the headquarters of cross-border e-commerce. There is a shortage of experienced talents. The annual salary of 300000 college students working for three years is everywhere, and it is easy to make money.
Mr. Liu said that for more than a year, he has been reflecting on what he did wrong, making continuous improvement, but the loss has continued. In fact, making money is often the wind, not necessarily your ability.

When your ability is poor, you can make money easily, but you start to lose money.

This situation is not because of what you did wrong, but because the wind has passed. At this time, if you improve after reflection and increase investment, the final result is to lose all the previous money.
Cross border e-commerce has had a good life for 15 years, and it is basically over. When the wind is gone, the best way is to admit counseling, close the door or extremely shrink, keep the fire, wait for the next opportunity, wait for the wind to come, and increase investment.
Or change from company operation to wealth operation, and see the opportunity to invest in growing real estate or stocks to ensure the preservation and appreciation of property. A destiny is that most companies will lose money and close down. As a company boss, how to close the company and turn to wealth management is a knowledge and a lifelong compulsory course.
Both individuals and companies have made a special profit in the past few years. Making money is not because of your strong ability, but because of the wind. This is not normal. When the wind goes away, it will return to its original shape. The sooner you understand this truth, the better. How to keep the money and maintain and increase the value is not only a knowledge, but also a required course for a lifetime.

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