ECONOMICS NEWS Think about how to avoid falling into crisis
When the crisis comes, you have a stable and sustainable income, and you will have no pressure; When the crisis comes, if you have no income, but you don’t have debt and high expenses, and you have enough reserve funds, you won’t be under too much pressure. But the fear is that when the crisis comes, you have no income, high debts and no reserve funds for emergencies. Such people are under the greatest pressure and may be overwhelmed by the crisis. Many enterprises and individuals fell down because of this, even including large enterprises and rich people who looked beautiful when there was no crisis.

In 2022, because of the epidemic, a large number of enterprises and individuals were also pressed the pause button, and there was no income. So were I and enterprises. Fortunately, the time is not long and the impact is not particularly great, and my partner and I have also made corresponding risk control layout in order to deal with the current market environment.
“With the same epidemic, some people don’t worry about food and drink for a year, while others are in financial difficulties for a week. This is financial immunity.” At this time, I can’t help thinking of one of the most popular words on the Internet. Why are there differences in financial immunity? In the final analysis, it is related to people’s risk intention and arranging the layout in advance.
Of course, some of the financial immunity mentioned above are natural, such as having a mine at home; Some have poor financial immunity because of poor family conditions, just out of society to work, low wages and little savings.
The difference between their financial immunity and whether they have the meaning of risk may not have much to do with the layout in advance, but there is a gap in anti risk. You may say it’s unfair, but you must face it. Covid-19, when crisis and extreme conditions such as the outbreak of new crown outbreak occur, it will not choose anyone, anyone will meet.

Increase revenue, reduce expenditure and accumulate grain
Before encountering crisis and extreme situations, the more people with poor financial immunity and anti risk ability, the more they should have the meaning of risk and make a good layout in advance. Otherwise, they will be the first batch of people to be eliminated in case of crisis.
Even people with poor financial immunity will improve their financial immunity over time if they continue to establish their risk intention, make a good layout in advance and take actions in advance. On the contrary, their financial immunity will also decline. Those conditions are similar at first, but the financial immunity gap is very large, and most of them come from this.
In recent years, with the continuous occurrence of the “black swan incident”, many enterprises and individuals who could not go bankrupt in our impression lay flat one after another, so we ordinary people have to be more vigilant. Otherwise, it will be too late to repent when things come to you and deal with them again!



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