MAKE MONEY NEWS Make money in China,this is an interesting topic.My friend wants to contract this canteen. Almost 300 people eat twice a day. The rent is 12000, water and electricity is 5000, two meat and two vegetables are 8 yuan, and the coordinates are Shenzhen manhole. Can you do it?

Netizen 1: let me tell you, it’s not impossible. You see, some people are doing it, and others can make money. Let’s see how you cook. The food must taste in place, not to mention the employee’s salary. If you are Xiaobai, first observe how many people there are in people’s food order for a few days. And if you can, walk more to see what people like to eat. Go straight to someone’s shop and you can see it. If you can’t afford to lose a few months, it’s not recommended to do it. The water is very deep. I just came out to work at a loss, um, that’s it.MAKE MONEY NEWS

Netizens have different views on making money,MAKE MONEY NEWS in China.

Netizen 2: 300 people are not fixed in your consumption, and you are not the only canteen! So have lunch and dinner one day and make a prediction! If you spend 200 people a day, that’s 1600 water a day! I don’t know whether to live or not, and when you live, you spend an average of 200 people a day, 48000 a month! This is just your running water. First of all, excluding the rent of 12000, water and electricity of 5000, there is 31000 left! What about two chefs? One person needs 10000 for 5000, three service providers, and one 3000 needs 10000… After subtracting 20000, there are 10000. You haven’t calculated the cost for a month. Are you playing?
Is there anyone who understands the catering industry to give a good suggestion.



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